Finding Ohana

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Hey, yooouu guys! You gotta see this!

..My review, not this movie.

A somewhat wholesome family adventure story with decent visuals, below average acting, and an unusual use of humor. The adventure parts of the movie generated some excitement and suspense, but it was difficult to connect to the characters due to lack of chemistry amongst the film’s young cast.

Most of the humor missed the mark, even for a family movie. There were numerous references to male nipples, buttholes, and bits, which I found unusual and interesting. It’s like they tried to be edgy to get cheap laughs instead of actually writing decent jokes. There were some forced “Drunk History” moments in a couple of the storytelling scenes that felt disingenuous 

Yes, there are some similar plot points to “The Goonies” as well as a hijacked catch phrases, but there’s not much else that makes you feel like the 1985 classic does. It’s more of an attempted knockoff than a film made out of inspiration. Sorry to be so harsh on a family film, but tighten up, Netflix.

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