Shadow in the Cloud

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Welcome back to the party, baby.

A cheesy, over the top sci-fi/war drama that went too light on the substance and a tad heavy on the misogyny. Chloe Grace Moretz wasn’t bad, but she’s expected to carry the story while being the only actor on screen for most of the movie. The plot points are weak, and made even weaker by the lack of visual during action scenes not involving Chloe. She is kind of a badass in this movie, though.

While the entire movie is sloppy, the 3rd act is quite exhilarating, although the cinematography could have been better to compliment the action. Overall, there’s just too much going on that wasn’t explained nearly enough. Hopefully Netflix picks this up. If not, you probably won’t miss this one.

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