Rating: 2 out of 5.

A futuristic action adventure film that uses its science fiction nuance and exciting events to allow for highly implausible action sequences and plot points. The concept is intriguing, but somewhat incomplete. This feels like a film that needs at least a 3 hour runtime in order to develop the characters and story appropriately. A lot of elements of the overall idea are blurry and not fully explained. The camera work was successful in capturing the BIG action, but it feels like some beautiful shots were left on the table. There wasn’t a lot of cgi, but it was mostly mediocre when on screen anyway. Sadly, the sound design, combined with the score, were the best parts of the overall product.

The acting was fine, but I wasn’t feeling any chemistry between any of the cast. However, Mark Wahlberg is probably THE perfect actor to play a guy that doesn’t understand what’s going on for half of the movie. I just didn’t feel his support was very strong at all.

If you read my reviews, you probably realize that on paper, I expected this to be a banger. It’s just another great idea that wasn’t developed enough to carry its own weight. This film tried to be the next Matrix meets Minority Report, but turned out to be season 3 of Altered Carbon (cancelled). Sadly, I’m starting to realize that the best thing that Paramount + has released so far has been The Challenge: All-Stars

Message of the film: if you’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia, the doctors are wrong, don’t take the meds.

❤️️ Please Honeyboard Me🍯

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