How It Ends

Rating: 3 out of 5.

You gonna kick me in the dick like you did last year on the fourth of July?

A unique, off-beat dramedy featuring a deep all-star cast engaging in some hilarious, seemingly natural conversations. Zoe Lister Jones was quite impressive in her second attempt at starring in and producing a movie that she wrote and directed. Her acting performance was very natural, and the narrative is engaging with a lot of nuance. The main protagonist(s) pass by an eclectic collection of characters, one by one as the film progresses, presenting the audience with some different perspectives on the end of the world, and allowing the protagonist(s) to air their grievances. There’s definitely a modern day The Wizard of Oz vibe going on.

The subject matter may seem pretty surface level to start, but as the film progresses, the existential, introspective nature of the story is pushed to the foreground, adding some unexpected depth. This film deserves a lot of credit for originality and relevance to the current state of the world. While I found a lot of the conversations funny, some of the content is meaningless and almost feels like they were trying too hard to get laughs.

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