The Guilty

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Call an Uber and don’t bike drunk, asshole

A gripping, dramatic crime thriller shot in a single location that features one unlikable primary physical character, supported by high quality voice performances via telephone. The screenplay is pretty fluid and the dialogue is mostly well written, you just have to use your imagination for most of the film. The action and excitement happens off screen which sort of feels like you’re being left out, but it’s also an artistic and suspenseful approach to storytelling that I can appreciate. The 90 minute runtime allows the plot to unfold at a rapid enough pace that you almost forget that you’re basically sitting in a room with Jake Gyllenhaal the whole time.

Jake’s performance was captivating. He was able to emulate a short fused pig like a pro as well as add emotional depth to his complicated character. His only real support was over the phone, which made his performance all the more impressive to me. The mystery surrounding his character is intriguing, and the way it’s revealed is pretty satisfying.

This was director Antoine Fuqua’s second motion picture of 2021, and I must say, it was a lot better than Infinite.

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