Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

They can all suck my Jesus dick. Cocksuckers.

A formulaic, somewhat satirical comedy-thriller that takes a hot, dirty shit all over christianity, and I’m here for it. The costume design is definitely on point, and most of the film is shot pretty well, but it almost feels like the entire film is a sarcastic joke. The plot is familiar, but this time at the expense of Jesus, giving the film a little freshness. The narrative is decently written, and a lot of the dialogue is actually quite funny. There are some cringe moments, but most of them are balanced by off the wall, exciting content.

I watched Time is Up earlier today, and while it was pretty terrible, it got me in the mood for Bella Thorne. For whatever reason her presence is so relaxed and charming to me. Not only was she better in this film, but the character was perfect for her style. Her chemistry with her costars was definitely apparent and helped form the identity of the movie.

There wasn’t much of a budget here, and it’s purposefully weird and offensive. So I don’t expect the average person to like this film. But if you’re not religious and/or are able to laugh at christians, you’ll probably find this pretty entertaining.

Oh, and your god isn’t real.

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