Time is Up

Rating: 2 out of 5.

A slow moving, unoriginal romantic drama loaded with generic, inauthentic dialogue delivered by mostly under-qualified actors. Bella Thorne is obviously suitable for this role, but while she was great, her performance was not enough to carry amateurs on her back for 100 minutes. She was definitely charming and captivating, but her co-star and the rest of her support were just awful. It’s a shame because the film was shot really well and the score is nice, especially for this genre. But between the acting performances and the narrative in general, this is an absolute mess. A lot of what happens in the film is sort of random and without context, making some of the character actions confusing.

As stated above, the acting, the script and most of the dialogue are pretty bad, but the stylistic approach and Bella Thorne’s presence helped a little bit.

I absolutely hate the synopsis of this film, because it is far too revealing. The accident that’s referenced doesn’t even happen in the first hour of the film, yet Letterboxd felt it was acceptable to give away part of the story that was not important to the synopsis. It was just completely unnecessary and annoying and it happens on Letterboxd far too often. Clean it up ya’ll.

Here, I fixed it for you:
“Vivien, an accomplished student with a passion for physics, and Roy, a troubled young man, get involved despite Vivien’s serious relationship with Roy’s teammate.”

Oooooh, the reason Bella’s co-star is so fucking awful is because it’s her non-actor fiance.

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