Coming Home in the Dark

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A shockingly horrifying thriller loaded with suspense and distressing content, accompanied by impressive camera work that beautifully captured the New Zealand setting. From a production stand point, I couldn’t have been more impressed. The lighting and cinematography were successful in capturing the action in the dark while still applying the uncertain nighttime visuals. The score was chilling and served as a cadence for some of the more intense moments. The narrative is pretty creative and original, and was projected in a way that may have you wondering who the protagonist really was in this film.

Being that this was a New Zealand made film, and most of the actors aren’t in any movies that I’ve ever seen, I was shocked by how well the cast performed together. Every moment seemed genuine, and the chemistry was almost intoxicating. Hats off to Daniel Gillies for his terrifying performance as Mandrake. He sent chills up my spine multiple times during this film.

It’s hard to find something about this film that wasn’t really well done. Having said that, I do think 10-20 extra minutes might have been helpful in adding to the context of the story.

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