Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A well shot, well edited action thriller with beautifully choreographed fighting and action scenes balanced by a somewhat complicated script with some familiar and predictable tropes. The camera work is definitely better than you’d expect from the sort of action film, and the costumes are pretty iconic. The shading and neon lighting is a tone setter for sure, and helps bring even more aesthetic value to the film. There is so much ass kicking and death in this movie, and it’s all done very gracefully with as much excitement as you could imagine. The relationship between Kate and Ani is familiar to say the least, but there is a little more depth to this relationship than you would usually find.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is such a badass in this film. She played her part with a purpose and came out guns fuckin blazin. I NEED to see her take on more roles like this in the future. I’m a pretty big Woody Harrelson
fan, so I was very pleased to see him fit nicely into his role as the assassin trainer. Overall this was a very capable cast that understood the job and executed at a high level.

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