Birds of Paradise

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A relatively predictable, slowly paced ballet drama with some great music and choreography, but a formulaic plot with familiar direction. A lot of reviews are deeming this film a YA version of Black Swan, and they’re not over exaggerating. I half expected Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis to be listed as a producer. Not to say that it’s not enjoyable, it’s just derivative to the level where this project never could have existed without Black Swan. That has to be taken into consideration when reviewing this film. Nonetheless, the narrative is pretty well written and pretty interesting, despite the pacing issues. There are a lot of creative techniques used in the camera work during some of the more trippy scenes, but other than that the cinematography was somewhat pedestrian. Also, between each chapter there was an unnecessary pink title screen that I found pretty annoying.

I thought Diana Silvers performance was really good, probably one of her best if not the best. But while her co-star seemed to fit the role, I can think of a lot of other actresses that could have turned in a better and more meaningful performance than Kristine Froseth did. Although her ballet skills were obviously on point, which is probably the reason she was able to land the role in the first place.

The dramatic content is captivating and there are a lot of artistic elements that really stand out, but it’s not incredible, and definitely predictable.

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