Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

A overly predictable thriller that’s missing some contextual depth within the narrative, despite being mostly predictable. Director, Adam Salky definitely used a hands off approach here, consider it felt like there was no direction whatsoever. But even if he had done a fine job, the script didn’t allow the story or the characters to fully develop. Even when some of the plot points were cleanly delivered, they weren’t very thoughtful or exciting. The writer clearly tried to do too much by adding layers to a story that was already sort of convoluted.

Overall the cast was pretty terrible, mainly because every male actor was just awful. Freida Pinto absolutely carried this picture on her back, as she seemed to be the only actual professional on set. If her character were developed a little better, and the director had ya know, directed her, this could have been a halfway decent film.

Although the content is incredibly predictable and the story wasn’t fleshed out or told as well as it could have been, there are some decent elements of the film, including the central performance and some reasonable dialogue.

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