Midnight Mass

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A fully original, remarkably written religious horror series featuring a handful of unforgettable acting performances and some beautiful camera work. Everything about this story is completely satisfying, from the immaculately developed characters, to the religious contrast of classic folklore. Some of the directing decisions (the very end of the series) gave me chills, as the decision making was near flawless.

Before this, I had only really ever seen Hamish Linklater as the goofy brother in the sitcom New Adventures of Old Christine. Oh, how he has grown. His performance as Father Paul was absolutely mind blowing. He was as captivating as any mainstream actor would have been, setting the tone for the dark, religious picture. I fully expect him to be nominated for Outstanding Male Performance in a limited series at next year’s Emmys.

There’s almost nothing I would change about this show, but I will note that the blood and violence was lacking a little through the first couple episodes. Presumably to ease the viewer in.

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