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The Many Saints of Newark

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Some babies, when they come into the world, know all kinds of things from the other side.

A slow burning dramatic crime prequel with clever ties to the original series, but a glaring lack of excitement through the first half of the 2 hour runtime. There are some clear pacing issues throughout, but the impactful scenes were enough to keep the audience engaged. A lot of questions about Tony’s Idol, Dickie, and what shaped Tony’s future are answered in the film, but I was expecting a little more depth to some of the information. It felt like Tony wasn’t in the film as much as he should have been. I thought the narration by Chris was unnecessary, and probably a failed attempt to please some fans.

The acting performances were mostly good, but nothing stood out to me in a movie that had plenty of characters that were developed well. John Bernthal probably had the biggest impact as far as acting goes, but I won’t dismiss Alessandro Nivola’s performance as it does seem like he was perfectly cast for his role.

As a fan of the show, I was definitely unsatisfied after watching this. But I did enjoy some of the references and homage paid to the classic HBO series.

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