Don’t Breath 2

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

A gripping intruder thriller with its fair share of gruesome and shocking scenes combined with sheer suspense and wonder, but not without it’s many writing flaws. While somewhat satisfying, the writing revelations seem predictable and relatively obvious. There’s a lot of grey are with the protagonist, considering the secrets that we already know about him from the first film. I found a lot of the content conflicting because most of his actions in this film are admirable, and not something you’d see from a bad man. I know that this was a huge part of the film and determined how the audience would connect with the blind man, but it seems like a lot was left on the table as far as fully developing this character. Possibly for the 3rd release?

Stephen Lang is the perfect fit for his character, and once again, turned in a polarizing performance that will have you caring for his character despite what you know about him. I thought the rest of the cast was pedestrian at best and didn’t insert the appropriate amount of dramatic passion to the wild script.

There’s plenty of potential with this trilogy, as it is well directed and featured a fine central performance, but there are writing errors that just cannot be overlooked.

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