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Rating: 5 out of 5.

A completely genuine drama featuring some of the most artistically developed characters I’ve seen in a limited series. This mini series thrives on presenting flawed characters in a conflicting light. There aren’t really any antagonists, as all of the characters are relatable in one way or another, despite their demons. This method requires an obscene amount of finesse from the writers, director, and actors, so hats off to everyone involved in creating these polarizing characters.

The acting performances were absolutely divine. The mother/daughter replication from Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell was incredible. It was so clear that they’ve worked together before that I had to look it up and find out for myself. They’re mother and daughter. Not at all surprised. Nick Robinson did a brilliant job with his polarizing role, and he was honestly perfectly casted for it. He sort of always plays a good guy, which sort of forced the audience to try and relate to him because he’s usually a great guy. I would never forgive myself if I don’t mention how amazing Rylea Nevaeh Whittet as Maddie. She is absolutely adorable, and never once did it seem like she was acting. She’s 5, ya’ll.

I can’t stress enough how important this series is to our society. Abuse is often incorrectly defined because a lot of us think that abuse is only physical. This series did a magnificent job at explaining emotional abuse and the stigma behind claiming you’ve been abused. It also shows the struggle of just trying to get by in a capitalistic society with 0 help. Alex is one of the more inspirational characters I’ve seen in film or tv, and I highly recommend that every person on this planet watch her story.

Added to Mini-Series 2021 – Ranked


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