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Halloween Kills

Rating: 2 out of 5.

An unnecessary slasher sequel that really pounds its narrative into the ground for die hard fans of the cult classic. This is the definition of a film that’s obsessed with connecting the dots from the other films in its franchise, leaving very little room to actually focus on crafting a watchable movie. It’s a shame really, because if they keep trying to continue a story that should have ended after each film, they’re going to turn the character of Michael Myers into a parody. Not surprised there’s already another one set for release next year. As usual, there are some fantastic killing scenes where you really get to see Michael do his thang, but that should be the entire movie at this point in the franchise. Just let me watch Michael fuck shit up for 90 mins. I mean, what more backstory do I really need?

I wasn’t expecting brilliant acting or beautifully written dialogue, but come on man. It barely feels like the actors even respect the project. This film is full of mailed in performances featuring some remarkably weak dialogue. Except for Will Patton, he’s an American treasure. But again, Michael kills the shit out of everyone that he gets to, and those moments are pretty fuckin’ lit.

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