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Swan Song

Rating: 1 out of 5.

A well written, low budget indie dramedy that’s narrative comes off as a little slow for film. This seems like it’d be a great read, but the adaptation to film, while charming at times, was mostly dull. Speaking of dull, the shading and cinematography decisions took a lot away from the protagonist potential vibrance. Not to say that Udo’s character wasn’t charming, I just don’t think the visuals really enhanced the story at all. Everything about this film from the acting to the production feels stale, generic, and cheap. I’ve seen plenty of low budgy films be successful in hiding the fact their film cost near nothing to make. Not this’n doe. And I don’t necessarily think that a good film needs to look like it cost money, this one’s just poorly done in a lot of ways.

Udo Kier’s performance was pretty good, but everyone else in the film was an amateur and it showed. I’ve always really liked him in his smaller character acting roles, so it was kind of neat to see him in a leading role.

You know that cliche when one character is making another character an offer and they slide a slip of paper with the amount on it? I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the figure with my own eyes in any other movie, until now. I found that really interesting for some odd reason.

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