Afterlife of the Party

Rating: 1 out of 5.

A familiar fictional comedy with loads of cringy dialogue and formulaic tropes, paired with less than funny jokes from beginning to end. I suppose there are some original aspects here, but I think just about every other element of this film was borrowed from somewhere else, namely NBC’s The Good Place and the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. Drawing a little influence isn’t a bad thing, but at a certain point, this film became quite derivative. Another flaw is how much this film relies on character development, without fully developing its characters.

I really tried to watch this with an open mind, but it’s just so cheesy and Nickelodeony. That had a lot to do with Victoria Justice. Her style and delivery is as made for tv as this movie should’ve been. Midori Francis was able to turn in a pretty decent performance, despite some of her embarrassing dialogue. I could see her career blowing up, but this probably won’t be her breakout role.

I feel bad giving this such a low score, because it definitely wasn’t made for me. With these types of movies I try to put that aside when reviewing, but bad is bad, right?

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