Pieces of a Woman

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What did you feel when you were holding your baby?

After the remarkable and extremely intense opening scene, the story immediately starts to slow down to focus on the development of Vanessa Kirby and Shia LeBouf’s multi-layered characters. While the film does tend to drag (a lot), the screenplay is pretty well written and attracts your attention. I was in awe of the direction and camera work in the opening scene as well as some other moments Here and there. I was equally amazed by Kirby’s oscar worthy performance. She makes every moment that she’s on screen seem as genuine as possible making you feel a closeness to her that characters in the film don’t have. I can’t say enough about her portrayal of Martha, and how deep she was able to dive into this character. This was a 5 star performance without a doubt.

Also, the film is scored beautifully which really helps establish the melodramatic tone. The music was an important vessel for some of the emotion throughout the entire picture. That being said, the laggy plot did drag the movie down, even with the quality cinematography, acting, and music. Add this one to your Netflix watchlist and decide for yourself!

Added to Top 10 Acting Performances of 2021 Running List

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