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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A remarkably hilarious comedy featuring 2 dynamic duos with rich chemistry and some side splitting banter that will surely have the audience rolling. The screenplay may not have been adapted to film perfectly, but it’s as funny as any narrative that you might see in 2021. The whole theme of the film sort of plays to how non threatening and naive the protagonist is, and Kristen Bell couldn’t have portrayed that any better. Her performance in this film was the definition of knowing the assignment and executing. Her on-screen partner, Kirby Howell-Baptiste brought the perfect amount of fun energy to her character, creating a balance that only the best screenplay writers and actors can achieve. The other partnership featuring Paul Walter Houser and Vince Vaughn was nothing short of legendary. They connected with each other as if they’ve been playing these characters for years, providing the audience with unbelievably funny scenes and seemingly natural dialogue. We’re going to NEED to see these two star in a buddy cop film together, ASAP.

Because of its genre and subject matter, this film will likely fly under the radar. Which is an absolute shame considering it is one of the funniest screenplays I’ve ever seen, let alone the funniest of the year.

Added to Top 10 Ensemble Casts of 2021 Running List

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